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Warrior HeartbeatsThe second edition of Temple's best-selling and award-BRAG Medallionwinning memoir is called Warrior Patient Heartbeats: How to Beat Deadly Diseases With Laughter, Good Doctors, Love, and Guts. It is almost 50 pages longer than the original book, with updated medical information and a new chapter. The original memoir received a B.R.A.G. Medallion, and it also won a Gold Medal at the Reader’s Gold MedalFavorite Book Awards in Miami, Florida. At times, it was #1 on several Amazon best-seller lists. The original eBook will be offered to readers free. Tap the FREE Stuff image above to get the original book.



Wrinkled Heartbeats is the first novel in Temple’s Heartbeat series. Midwest Book Reviews has called it: “a deftly crafted and extraordinary novel, very highly recommended.”

It was recently chosen as a Finalist in the prestigious 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (sometimes called the Sundance Film Festival for books). It received the award as one of the best First Novels of the year.

It has also won the Silver Medal in the crowded Action Fiction category at the Readers Favorite Book Awards in Miami.

The story is about a war hero who stumbles into a web of money-laundering, lies, and deadly secrets. It includes the“Gator Pole,” a painful way to make people disappear in Florida’s famous River of Grass,the Everglades.

A very generous offer to buy the hero’s luxury home includes anexpiration date on his life. The only wrinkledperson who can save him is theperson hired to kill him.

For the warrior, one of the bloodiest and coldest battles in the history of the UnitedStates Marine Corps becomes a life-threatening allegory in the tropicalparadise of the Palm Beaches.

Wrinkled Heartbeats is a Finalists at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards in Europe. In the United States, it has been awarded the coveted Awesome Indies Approval Badge.“This signals that a book has been crafted to the editorial standards of major publishers. This shows readers that they can trust that the book is a professional product badgeworthy of their attention.”

In November 2016, the second book in the stand-alone series was published: Poison Heartbeats. ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, will try to “poison the well” of America. The terrorists pick the Jackson River poisonin northwestern Virginia as their target. If thejihadists succeed, thousands will die, and millions will shrink from the life-threatening terror of a glass of water. This second novel was awarded the Awesome
Indies Approval Badge
shortly after publication.

Poison Heartbeats follows the paths of two twins born in war-torn Nuristan, Afghanistan. One AIA badgebecomes a holy warrior of the terrorist organization, ISIL (synonymous with ISIS, but claiming a larger territory in the middle east). The other twin becomes a not-so-all-American girl who falls in love with the director of homeland security’s indieBRAG“Poison Well” unit. In April of 2017, Poison Heartbeats was awarded the indieBRAG Medallion from the Book Readers Appreciation Group (B.R.A.G.). This is the 2nd book chosen from the author, the first being Warrior Patient. This is viewed as significant recognition for independent publishers and writers. Then on May 3rd,Poison Heartbeats was chosen as the year's Best Thriller by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. This included a cash prize as well as a gold medallion at the NGIBA awards at the Harvard Club in Manhattan.


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